Link 'Em

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Link 'Em.

Two bands are examined, then you undoubtedly & instantly link them together.
Then unlink them in style and hand them out for examination

A hard hitting piece of rubber band magic.
Ideal as a stand alone or as a finale to your existing routine.

The subtleties and details help make this the perfect illusion.

Instant reset
Easy to do

Perform completely surrounded and up close.

Both Joel and Andy perform Link 'Em in their walk around sets. Now, for the first time ever, you have the chance to add this hard hitting piece of magic in to your arsenal.


Q : Is it reliable?
A : Absolutely, this is my go to linking rubber band

Q : Is the get in and get out covered?
A : Yes, I have been as thorough as I can.

Q : Is it difficult?
A : No, every magician I have taught this to have managed to perform it first try.

Q : Can you use any bands?
A : I personally use Joe Rindfleisch Rainbow Bands but you can use standard bands.

Q : Is it really that good?
A : Yes, it looks like trick photography.

Q : Is it impromptu?
A : You need a standard magicians tool but once you have it.
 It instantly resets, they are cheap and price wise they are practical.


But WAIT, there's more... we are also including a bonus effect, Thru.
An insanely visual rubber band penetration.. straight through your spectators finger or your own finger.

From the amazing and magical mind of our good friend Ken Powell.

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