Virtual Magic

Virtual Magic is in Demand

Due to the current 'situation', magicians HAVE to adapt.
Do not think long term and do not think short term, just do what you need to do RIGHT NOW!

Here are some tips to let you know how we are adapting as magicians.


You need something to promote online. So here are some points to consider.
When writing a virtual show, don't just expect to be able to perform a handful of magic tricks.

Consider the elements of an actual show. Make it interactive, people are craving interaction right now and it sounds strange (yet sad) but interaction is now a selling point. 

Once you have your show ready, start promoting it.
Make a video trailer. It does not have to be a Spielberg blockbuster trailer, it just needs to show who you are and it needs to sell your new act.

Put your video trailer on social media platforms, but do not promote only to your friends and family. Advertise this on pages such as local area listings to your business.


If you are looking for material that works very well then consider

Link 'em : It's ideal because once the world is open back up and we can get back to performing Link 'em looks just as good in the real world as it does on a camera.

Wallet King : It's fits in your wallet and it packs a massive punch. It works perfectly well and with LITERALLY NO SKILL. You look like a mind-reading ninja.

InstaCAAN : You can base your entire zoom act on this single trick alone. it's STRONG and packs a wallop.


If you have a modern mobile phone or a laptop, there is a good chance your camera is good enough to broadcast live on facebook or zoom.

Remember lighting is essential. Good lighting and a nice background will really help make you look professional.

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