Learn InstaCAAN!!

"Smoother than your grannies chip pan"
"Plot twist"

All of the methods below require your password.


Good news : InstaCAAN is currently a very limited release.
Meaning you have a strong routine at your finger tips that not every magician will be performing.

We urge you to practice instacaan thoroughly before performing it live.

The simplicity of InstaCAAN is what makes it so strong.
Both myself and Andy can set the deck in less than one minute and once you have it clear in your mind, it becomes second nature.

If there is ANYTHING you need to know or need extra help with, then please contact myself and Andy : ask@realworkers.co.uk

If you need additional help with ANY of the moves required then please email us and we will be MORE than happy to make you additional tutorials.

You can learn InstaCAAN by reading it : RIGHT HERE

InstaCAAN is modular and both Joel and Andy's handlings reflect this.

Keep your eye on this page as advancements and future developments will be added.



Andy's handling & bonus regular deck handling :
Enter password UPPERCASE


Joel's handling :

Enter password UPPERCASE

Joel regularly plays around with the handling and puts the force card in various positions as the demonstration below shows. Feel free to do the same.


InstaCAAN can be performed on just ONE participant.
 "In a moment I want you to think of two digits, so please think of a number from one and five, have you got one? Now think of a number from six to nine.. have you got one?"

You will now proceed with the routine.

(apologies for the audio quality, we were unlucky. Deans sound is bouncing back to myself and creating an audible echo)