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Magic Jam VIP

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Thursday 2nd July @ 8pm 

Get exclusive insights, VIP access to in-depth & interactive tuition and handlings..
We share incredible routines, tips, ideas and much more.


For online shows ONLY but my word this is a miracle...
Somebody names ANY card and ANY 

This, That & The Other

A unique twist on the Free Will plot.
This little bad boy (down with the kids) will go straight in to your set, the method is sharp and the effect is clear.

Up Staged

This effect packs small and plays big, it can be done close up and stand up.
The spectator freely selects an envelope then a card from a deck of cards.

They then follow your instructions through the routine to the finale of fooling themselves and the audience. They tear up their selected card and keep one piece as a receipt. Then the rest of the card vanishes before their eyes and reappears in the envelope they have been holding the entire time and the pieces match perfectly.

You don't touch the cards or the envelope during the effect, so you can concentrate on the presentation. This has been a part of my Andy's close up and stand up act for many years, and now it's time to share it with you.


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