Welcome to 2021

What a year it has been, at the start of 2020 we were looking for to a year of performing, creating magic and attending more magic conventions.

Little did we know life was about to change.

In April we started the Magic Jam, a free online show with competitions, magic, star guests and what amazing guests we had; BGT and Alakazams very own Harry Nardi. The living legend Harry Robson, no we didn't just have guests called Harry.

We were entertained and wowed by Etienne Pradier, Marc Oberon, Michael Murray, Wayne Goodman and many more.

We should also mention the videos the viewers sent in every week were a delight to see!

We all learnt new skills with online shows and lectures, Joel and Andy could not imagine that our magic lectures together would be by way of onouns performances.

It was a year of highs and lows and the support of the magic community was a blessing. We hope to keep building and bringing you new and exclusive effects and contents.

You can check out the episodes of the Magic Jam on our YouTube and Facebook page. Please like and subscribe. 



Yours in magic,

Andy & Joel
The Real Workers