Disappearing Fast

Disappearing fast..

Well March came and went in the blink of an eye, it was as uneventful for you as it was for me. At least the weather is better....

"that was smooth. I haven't lost the art of conversation, althought I have lost a few marbles" anyway...

I've been hitting the magic books hard again, I'm reading one a week.

It's surprising how much I missed the first time ronus. I can't decided whether it's because I've grown as a performer and I give the effects more of a chance than I did before. Or maybe my skill level is a factor, I am able to perform the effects and not shy away from them. 

Harry Lorayne is a personal favourite magician and author of mine. He made a decision of not describing the effect before which is a bold move. I have found some hidden gems in his readings, not just tricks but some sleights that are included.

I don't know about you, but how many times have you read an effect and gone ‘ah it's not for me’ maybe once or twice?!

Recently, I have been showing magicians sleights and tricks from Harry's books and they regularly say ‘wow, where did you learn that’ and it turns out they have the book, then say I didn't think it would look like that.

So let’s get back to those books you skipped the pages of and learn something new! It might just surprise you and more importantly surprise your audiences.

Stay magic


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