For years I have performed a folded card to box.
I'm about to share a discovery to appear to remove a folded card from inside a box.

For years I used to p*lm the folded MCF and basically plant the box from the table on to the p*lmed folded card and mime removing it. OK, I did it with a lot of finesse and it looked real but this new method I am about to share is much cleaner.

What i'm about to explain is the method I now use and wish I created a long time ago. 

Lets presume your card box is on the table and you are right handed.

Perform your MCF and keep the card retained under the deck. Transfer the deck and MCF to your left hand and hold the MCF in a pinch grip, hidden under the deck (figure 1). This hand should sit roughly central to your body, hovering over the table.

pinch grip (figure 1)

You will now pick up the box with your right hand and casually bring it over to your left hand and simultaneously transfer the MCF from under the deck to under the box and hold the card under the box, figure 2.

 (figure 2)

Instantly execute a wrist kill with the left hand packet as you place the playing cards down on top of the table.

Now all you are left to do is mime removing the folded card from inside the box.
To do this, your left hand comes back up from the table (after depositing the cards).

Flip open the box, insert your thumb into the box and mime removing the card in one swift motion...

Steps 1 to 4 are done in one smooth motion.

For complete clarity... just watch the video :

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