52 Reveals: John Anders #4

This idea based on Don Alan’s big deal.

I tell my spectators that I received an oscar for the next trick and if they don’t believe me I’ll show you my oscar and I take a photo of a baby out of my pocket.. that’s Oscar given to me by my wife!

This get’s laugh. Now I follow the original Big Deal from Don.

Putting the photo on the deck of cards and picking up the top one (in my case the seven of clubs) and I take both of them from the deck (seven of clubs under the photo).

The spectator deals cards one by one on the photo and every time I let them slide of onto the table... until they say stop. The cards are face down on the table and these need to be face up, this is achieved by saying to the spectator they could have had a free choice, the discarded face down cards are turned face up.

So one card is lying face down on top and now I make the switch by turning over my hand showing the seven of clubs and also the seven of clubs on the back.

You can see the original Don Alan performance on YouTube.

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